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Tools…ZOEVA Eye Brushes|MAC 217 dupe alert!



From left to right: 230 luxe pencil, 231 petit crease, 228 crease, 227 soft definer, 315 fine liner, 234 smoky shader and 317 wing liner


From left to right: 234 smoky shader, 227 soft definer, 231 petit crease, 230 luxe pencil, 228 crease, 317 wing liner and 315 fine liner

Ok. So let´s admit it. I love REAL TECHNIQUES brushes…FACE brushes. But eye brushes? I don´t like them at all. They just don´t suit me. I don´t know. Maybe my eyes are small. Truth is that neither Sam, nor even Nic use them at all in Pixiwoo´s videos, because I guess they know their eye collection is far away from professional. And I still love them. Anyway, here is my reasoning against these eye brushes:

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