Tools…ZOEVA Eye Brushes|MAC 217 dupe alert!



From left to right: 230 luxe pencil, 231 petit crease, 228 crease, 227 soft definer, 315 fine liner, 234 smoky shader and 317 wing liner


From left to right: 234 smoky shader, 227 soft definer, 231 petit crease, 230 luxe pencil, 228 crease, 317 wing liner and 315 fine liner

Ok. So let´s admit it. I love REAL TECHNIQUES brushes…FACE brushes. But eye brushes? I don´t like them at all. They just don´t suit me. I don´t know. Maybe my eyes are small. Truth is that neither Sam, nor even Nic use them at all in Pixiwoo´s videos, because I guess they know their eye collection is far away from professional. And I still love them. Anyway, here is my reasoning against these eye brushes:

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2013 Beauty Awards | Make-up & brushes

Foto 12-01-14 21 37 24

I love make-up. God knows there is nothing as pleasant as feeling your face freshly washed when you go to bed, thought. Anyway, in terms of efficiency, make-up always beats beauty products in making you feel pretty. It´s the instant beauty. Now we need to make sure we are not hiding ourselves under foundation, but enhancing our inner-beauty. And for that, the key is  applying a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Little is always better. So in the end, taking 10 products and using a little bit of them is better than taking 5 and use them on a large scale. Trust me.

Me encanta el maquillaje. Cierto es que no hay nada más placentero que sentir tu cara recién limpia cuando the desmaquillas. De cualquier forma, en términos de eficacia, el maquillaje siempre gana a las cremas en lo que a sentirse guapa se refiere. Es la “belleza instantánea” por excelencia. Y aún así, el maquillaje no debe esconder a la persona, sino realzar sus rasgos. Y para eso, la clave es aplicar un poco de esto y un poco de aquello. Un poco siempre es mejor. Al final, tener 10 productos de maquillaje y usar un poco de ellos es mejor que tener 5 y usarlos a gran escala.

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2013 Beauty Awards l Skincare, hair and body


So here it is my favourite post so far, because you can take a look at what my most-used products of all year haven been. And because years are long enough, even if time goes by very fast, my list is just endless . Anyway, there is space only for the best. Let´s star with the Beauty Awards. Soon you will get to know my 2013 make up favourites.

Aquí estamos con el que es mi post preferido, porque podéis ver de un vistazo los que son mis productos favoritos en todo un año. Y como el año es largo, aunque pase volando, la selección es extensa, aunque no tanto como los productos que he probado en 2013. Aquí van sólo los mejores. Vamos con la lista de ganadores en la categoría “belleza”. En el próximo hablaré de mis favoritos de maquillaje.

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WHAT DID 2013 SOUND LIKE? Playlist by Pilar Fernández de Juan

Happy New Year guys! I hope you had an amazing NYE. Now let´s start the year with some rhythm!! 2013 was an amazing new-upcoming-artists year, and I just made a thorough and great quality playlist . Luckily, some of these artits will become famous in 2014 and this way you get to know them before. I just didn´t want to go too obvious.

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