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SELENA GOMEZ inspired CHRISTMAS EVE make up l video


Only four days for Christmas Eve and we probably have thought of the outfit, not so much of make up, and here I am to introduce you a trendy, very wintery and Selena Gomez inspired make up tutorial, just perfect for that night.

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Date-night make up video / Maquíllate para una Cita video


We are in Christmas countdown. So in between, I am sure you will have company dinners, after-work parties, college meals and so on. And what better than a shopisticated look so you can wow them, without looking like a transvestite?

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Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

So last saturday I went to KIKO COSMETICS, an italian low cost make up and cosmetics brand now available in the UK. Specially for english people, I wanted to make a review on a few things that got my attention in the store. In Spain, it´s been a few years since KIKO arrived, and these days, quality has improved incredibly, so in particular, I love KIKO to find out some great dupes, like this NARS DRAGON GIRL dupe I´ve found.

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I was about to sleep when I realize not everybody knows how to comfortably read your favourite blogs, how to share a post you like, how to “follow” a blog, how to be updated, how to have all-in-one app, or how to be notified of every new post. Not everybody knows BLOGLOVIN, my favourite BLOG READER out there.

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