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The Ultimate Women Christmas Gift Guide l Regalos Navidad para Ella

regalos chica

So Christmas is around the corner, and wether it is Santa Claus , the Three Wise Men or Secret Santa who is coming, somebody somewhere needs a “wish list”, right?

Today we are focusing on Women Christmas Gifts. It had to be December and it had to be soon enough so your wish list could be inspired by mine, so you were faster than all those Christmas-junkies and so gifts  hadn´t been sold out. And because beauty is all things that make us feel beauty, here is what I have been working so hard for it to be a rich and varied, just a perfect, girl wish list:

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I was about to sleep when I realize not everybody knows how to comfortably read your favourite blogs, how to share a post you like, how to “follow” a blog, how to be updated, how to have all-in-one app, or how to be notified of every new post. Not everybody knows BLOGLOVIN, my favourite BLOG READER out there.

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