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MURAD ACNE COMPLEX 30 DAY KIT is an excellent whole treatment for oily / acne prone skin (unless we are talking about aggravated cystic acne, in which case, I recommend you to visit and get the bezoyl peroxide based regimen, much better than all well known oral antibiotics or harsh treatments like Proactive / AcneFree). If your problems are some blemishes here and there, that I had once, due to changing my usual birth control pills, this pack will clear you up within a month. Why? Simple, it has salicylic acid to deeply cleanse pores and gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and excess oil.

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Oh masks..what a delicious way to pamper yourself! And ORIGINS…what an amazing fruity-smell to every-kind-of-skin skincare brand.

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BIODERMA SENSIBIO H2O is a must when it comes to remove your make-up in those lazy nights you just want to go to bed and skip your beauty night routine, or when you wake up clean-faced but still want to make sure there is no traces of night creams.

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IM FABULOUS skincare haul

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Beauty bloggers, and I, are always trying to find, first, new skincare brands, and then, some staple products out there.

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